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Monday, 13 January 2014

Flat mounting clip for Velleman K8200 3D printer

Here is just a quick follow up on my previous frame clip ( The middle section fits snugly into the aluminium profile only if there is no flat cable or other wires running along, that’s why I have created another version of the clip, this time with flat middle piece:

And here is the result:

The rest of the clip remains the same. It contains exact same rectangular holes on both sides and the pin designed previously will work as well. However, a countersunk M3 or M4 bolt needs to be used:

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  1. Very useful thing. I did the same, but simpler, without sections (only triangle shapes). By the way, don't you do to add a cooler to keep motherboard from overheating?

  2. The highest temperature I have recorded was about 90C (on the X-Y controllers) - so way below the limit. And this is with increased current on the stepper motors. It gets up to this temperature after few minutes and then stays constant (doesn't matter if I print for 10 minutes or 10 hours).