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Friday, 15 August 2014

Filament cleaner for Velleman K8200 3D printer

People on different forums reported problems with clogged nozzle. One of the reasons may be a dust, powder or some other contamination on the filament.

I have thought, it would be nice to have a little cleaner before the extruder…
I designed it in the way that it can be easily mounted on the frame using one of my clips (FULL or FLAT) and 2 pins.

It can be moved left or right along the frame or rotated to put it in optimal position for the filament to go through.

I cut a small piece of a kitchen sponge – it does the job.
The only thing worth of considerations is that the material used to clean the filament is soft when it is dry as it needs to hold the filament tight – some of the sponges are rock hard when dry (will not surround the filament snugly enough) and get softer only when wet.

To download the files - visit my profile on Thingiverse ( or use direct links below:
-        sponge holder (
-        full frame clip (
-        flat frame clip (
-        pin (

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