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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Zeroplus LAP-C Logic Analyser Logic Cube Windows 8/8.1/10 driver

If you are struggling with the LAP-C logic analyser driver under Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 - you found a right place to be :)

I haven't used it in past few months so I was very surprised when Windows said that is not happy with the driver (after upgrading to 8.1). After spending number of hours finding a solution I came up with this:

1. Download (this is their official file however, I couldn't find it in any place on the zeroplus website)
2. Extract the zip file.
3. Navigate to the "Driver Setup" folder and extract the "" file (or double click on it to see its contents).
4. Copy the following files to: "C:\Program Files (x86)\PC-Based Instrument\ZEROPLUS\DRIVER\"
 - Bulkusb.inf8 and rename it as bulkusb.inf
 - Bulkusb.sys7 and rename it as bulkusb.sys
 - Bulkusb64.cat3 and rename it as
5. Go to the Device Manager, right click on the LAP-C Analyser device, select "Update Driver Software".
6. Click on "Browse my computer for driver software" and select the folder from point 4 above.
7. Enjoy! :)

Hope it helps!  Thanks for big thumbs up!


  1. Holy macaroni!! First, thank you so much for sharing this as I have been trying to figure this out on and off for a few weeks! Having "alternate" solutions, I haven't been able to do much more than start reading the *.INF files (oh joy) :-)

    Sure enough I plugged in a Zeep into the SurfacePro and ... boom. Driver installed. Launched the app... connected! Tried real time monitor for kicks, and it works

    Heh, now I don't have to buy {{yet another}} device for the PC...I was about >>this close<< to grabbing an Omega2.

  2. thank you very much! Saved me a lot of time and worked perfect.

    1. No problem at all. I was scratching my head for ages as well :)

  3. Thank you very much! Worked perfect! :)

  4. I struggled with getting the LAP-C drivers to go on Win 8.1 X64 as well. Your solution worked fine, thanks!

  5. If we ever meet I'll pay you a beer :-)

  6. Normally run it in vmware under XP, spent ages trying to get it to work in 8.1.

    Very much appreciated

    Dave B

  7. Thank you, I've been struggling with this for hours.

  8. dude... thanks!!! so good.

    Why cant ZeroPlus get their shizzle together and make a proper win8 install? (that was not a real question)

  9. I tried but installation failed with:
    Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device
    Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

    Data of this type is not supported.

    If you know the manufacturer...

    Do you have some clue?!

    Win8.1 pro 64bits

    1. Hi, I would try these thing first:
      - uninstall (not just remove) the driver, reboot, try again,
      - Win8 and unsigned drivers... Try:


    2. It works! I forgot to rename files! =)

      Thanks a lot!!!

      By the way thanks for quick reply... :P

      Do you know how to recover an account on Zeroplus site?
      I tried to check DB of my old computer to retrieve this stupid "User Name" but I cannot get it :(

    3. No worries :)

      Have you tried the forgotten password form?

      Oh, you don't know the username...
      Give them a ring or send an email.
      They should be able to find you by email address and maybe even by your device+serial number.

    4. I did this yesterday, no reply right now...

      Thanks again!

  10. It works! I forgot to rename files! =)

    Thanks a lot!!!

  11. Great advice! Works like a charm, but I had to install ZEROPLUS tool in a different directory than Progams (x86) due to permissions problems. Installer didn't inherit admin when "run as Admin" is selected.

  12. Hi!
    I'm trying to download the file you've linked from Zeroplus site (by following the URL) but it is not working. Do you know if there are other websites/links with the same file?

    1. Hi andreao.
      Not sure if you will find another mirror. Any searches I've done pointed me to their website that is really slow.
      I have just tried the link and I was able to initiate the download but the max speed I got was 25kB/s. Have you tries other links from their website? Maybe ftp will work better for you? Try this site:

    2. Hi, thanks for your reply.
      Tomorrow it works, probably they reboot some connection. I also successfully installed the driver, so many thanks for everything!

  13. At last, it works. Thx

  14. Thank you, after this procedure it works with Windows 10 64-bit perfectly!

  15. Great job! It works perfectly! Also tried with the latest package and the folder name would become: C:\Program Files (x86)\PC-Based Instrument_2010\ZEROPLUS\DRIVER